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7 ways to reduce your alcohol intake

I was invited to a corporate dinner last week in Sydney held by my Italian friend Lino Sauro, a Singapore’s award-winning chef, who has a restaurant Olio at acclaimed Kensington Street, Chippendale. The corporate menu offered 5 different delicous courses with a specific wine for each course. The set up of this event was long tables where you sit next to many guests. I started to drink water and all the people were already shaking their glass of wine to celebrate the event. You can guess from the look of the people around that you are different...why does she have a glass of water and not a glass of wine like everyone.

Of course practicing yoga & meditation for the last 28 years made me become more aware of the consequences of the alcohol into your body. The human body is made of around 70 % water so for me, it is logical to fill your body with his own constitution which is water.

But it isn’t only the only reason. When you start to practice yoga and meditation, your body becomes more sensitive to alcohol. Just a sip of wine is enough to feel the alcohol in my vein along my arms. I will feel heavy and dizzy in few seconds. Of course you are not going to give these details to everyone during this dinner but you are aware that this effect will happen with one sip of alcohol.

For me my body is my Temple and needs to be cherished with the best produce and drink of the planet

Moreover every time you meditate, you open up the frontal lobe of your brain, where the pineal gland exists. This is considered the Mastermind of the brain. This is also the part of the brain that is responsible for the release of serotonin, oxytocin, melatonin….which results in heightened states of bliss, love and clarity. Yogi consider the pineal gland as the third eye and the gateway to the universal connection…connection with your own intuition which is basically the connection with your Soul.

So what happens when you drink alcohol? The activity of the pineal gland is reduced to even being switched off. Your ability to think clearly is reduced. And because the production of serotonin and oxytocin is reduced, we feel so fearful!

So if you are looking to find a way to reduce your alcohol intake, here are 7 of my personal suggestions to support you along the way:

1) Fake it a bit during a corporate dinner! Have a glass of wine. And fake you are drinking or just drink a sip at a time. I did and it worked. But you keep the same glass during the party or during the long 5 courses at a corporate dinner. At least everyone is happy. And if someone asked you why you don’t try the other wines, just say mixing them will give you a headache the next day (everyone experienced that anyway).

2) At a party: Fake it again 100% this time! Have a glass of some sparkling water with a zest of lemon at a party…it looks like an alcohol. You just need to order when you are alone at the bar.

3) What if you have the self awareness to show the example without judging the friends or colleagues. It will be like planting a seed in their mind that someone without taking alcohol can have fun too.

4) Being aware that it will cost less to drink less or not at all.

5) Being conscious that your brain will work better with a longer life span.

6) If the reason to drink alcohol is to feel more relaxed or/and less stressed, just try other alternatives such as: swimming and a sauna after, nice massage, nice walk in the nature, a Yoga & Meditation session, Yoga Nidra session, daily exercice, connection with funny friends, dancing…

7) Write down a personal list of things that make you less stress…and implement them daily.

I really enjoyed this amazing dinner cooked by my friend Lino at Olio and had fun with everyone without being seen as someone not funny because I didn't drink alcohol like them. If you plan to eat at Olio, please request to speak to Lino & mention my name Olivia Shanti, I am sure he will happy to talk to you and share his passion of Italian food, especially from Sicilia where he grew up.

Chef Lino Sauro and Olivia Shanti

I’d love to hear how you go so please share with me your experience. If you’d like to kick start a healthy yoga & meditation life style, then our 10 days program are for you! Your mind and body will be more energised, your stress will be managed in a daily basis and you will be so empowered.

I would love to connect with you soon:

Love & Gratitude,

Olivia Shanti



Olivia Shanti ~ Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Life & Wellness Mentor, Siddha Yoga Practitioner is spreading pure light all around the world. Her passion is helping women & men of the western world to reconnect to who they are. She also assists to turn around the emotions of stress, conflict, resentment & grief to open a door for them to feel great about life again.

You'll find Olivia in many places of the world including Sydney, India, Tahiti, France & Singapore where in addition to her online mentoring with clients, she offers private yoga tuition, siddha yoga therapy, live workshops & retreats.

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