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Body Mind Earth with Olivia Shanti

When it comes to energy, our planet Earth has everything you need to create beautiful smile on your face that will increase your body & mind's energy instantly. Follow me in the jungle in Tahiti.

Connecting to Nature

The Earth is so pure and Tahiti I took a trek on the side of the waterfall...a bit of climb on some slippery rocks...then I could reach the top of the waterfall looking at this magical view on the lagoon...epic is just the beginning of this pure connection...then walking along the river with huge round rocks...I felt those rocks were alive and ready to move...silence...just the sound of my breath...closing my eyes...the air is pure...beautiful Mape trees feeling so alive...being in their territory...all the elements of nature: Earth (wood), Water, Metal (stone), Fire (sun rays through the leaves) and Air/Space...I feel staying in this paradise forever...this is my way of recharging my energy instantly. Tahiti is located in the Pacific Ocean between New Zealand and South America ;)

Love & Wisdom

Olivia 🙏🏼😊🌴🌏

Connect with me if you are curious to know more about my journey on Earth

Look forward to connecting with you soon. Take care. Love & Earth. Olivia



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