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Synerj-Health food supplements

- For busy women interested in their nutrition -


- For the busy woman and man who care about their nutrition
- Simple to incorporate into your lifestyle
- Create optimal health to allow you to focus & feel better
The Duo 
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I have always been one to look after my nutrition quite well. From a young age and with my Yoga & exercise practice, I've been mindful with what food I put into body. I know and have felt the benefits from good nutrition.

But it isn't always easy!

Now that I'm running my own business, looking after my family & travelling internationally - I started to feel my usual 'good habits' a little harder to keep up.

I met the biologist Jacques Prunier 20 years ago, who is in the health & and wellness industry, and I was very interested in how we could increase the production of the stem cells in the body. I tested his products, and I was convinced. Many of my clients noticed incredible benefits of taking those food supplements after surgery, chronic fatigue, etc...
I had never used any type of nutrition supplement before, but I knew it would be a plus for my wellness. why not give it a try?
... I loved it!

I am absolutely more than happy for you to contact me if you are interested in this superfood program. I can share with you my experience, and if we are in the same town perhaps even meet up to give you a taste!

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