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3 Steps for Busy Women to Ignite their Heart Energy

Who would have thought that as our world progresses, that the need for emotional support and understanding is now required more than ever. When I travel the world, it doesn't matter what country or culture I'm experiencing... one thing remains the same: many women find it very difficult to move through emotions such as grief, resentment & conflict.

Whether it be about loved ones, family, friendships, career or finances, these emotions can arise in the midst of our connection with each other. The good news is that your will grow so much through learning and understanding why you feel the way you do... the bad news is that we need to feel these emotions to learn how to use them to better ourselves. If only there was a better way!

One way to help you to understand your emotions,

is by understanding your Chakra System.

The Chakra System is an ancient teaching of how the mind, body & soul all work together as one. Your body has many chakra energies, however there are 7 major Chakras (energy centres) that align along your spinal cord. Each of these energy centres acts like a wheel or vortex of energy.

Emotional events and memories are stored in your chakras (like a database), and can be re-activated via emotional stimulation. This is why if you hear a song, or smell something that reminds you of a past event it can bring up old feelings of grief, resentment or even anger for a situation.

Until you have come to a peaceful resolution within yourself, these emotions will continued to be stored in your Chakras. And this is why it's important for you to heal old wounds, rather than just pushing them to the side. To do this the most effective way, it is important to find a professional that you trust to help you through the process. Healing the heart is never easy on your own.

However, you can most definitely

start the process on your own.

Below are three simple steps following the 5,000 year old yoga tradition, that you can do in less than 15mins. These actions will improve your Heart Chakra to feel energised, rather than have negative emotions pulling down on heart energy.

Your Heart Chakra is the 4th energy centre

and can be found in the area of your heart.

#1 - ASANA (Cat pose)

Starting on your hands and knees, bend your elbows and bring your head down few times like gentle push up. It will activate your heart chakra. Do this slowly and mindfully 6-10 times.

#2 PRANAYAMA (Breathing)

Roll over to a lying position (Savasana), close your eyes: put one or two hands on your heart chakra, release any tension around this area of your heart, releasing emotions. Inhale from the abdomen filling up the chest. Hold for 3 seconds, and exhale from the chest back down to the abdomen. Hold.

This is yogic breathing. Repeat this a minimum of 3 times. Your heart chakra is reenergised.

#3 MEDITATION (Inner Connection)

Sitting in an upright position. Keep your hands on the side of your body, imagine a bright light coming out from your heart. It might appear to be a white or green bright light, and feel this light expanding around your body.

Feel that your body is healthy, alive and beautiful. Know that you are well and at peace on every level. You may chant the mantra “YAM” to heal both the physical heart and the spiritual heart centre. After a minimum of 3 minutes, open your eyes and feel your body recharged and regenerated.

Happiness is not something ready made.

It comes from your own actions.

- His Holiness, the Dalai Lama -

It makes me so happy that through my own story of navigating my way through deep grief, resentment & conflict, I'm now able to help women through their own process. Always know that there is hope and a way for you to feel good and bring happiness back into your life.





Olivia Shanti ~ Yoga Teacher & Wellness Mentor is spreading pure light all around the world. Her passion is helping women of the western world to reconnect to who they are. She also assists these women to turn around the emotions of grief, conflict & resentment to open a door for them to feel great about life again.

You'll find Olivia in many places of the world including Sydney, India, Tahiti, France & Singapore where in addition to her online mentoring with clients, she offers private yoga tuition, live workshops & retreats.

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