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Virtual Valerie 2 Windows 7




exe is the same file as before. You will find help in the following guide. It is designed to make the game run on Windows XP, with additional information on other versions available. Overview Virtual Valerie 2 is a top-down point and click erotic adventure game, in which the player navigates through the game from the 2nd or 3rd person perspective, and performs many tasks. It is part of the Virtual Valerie series. As in the previous game, the player must perform various tasks to progress through the game, involving following clues, and interacting with objects on the screen. Virtual Valerie 2 is a sequel to Virtual Valerie. In Virtual Valerie 2, the player controls Valerie, in the same manner as in Virtual Valerie, but with enhanced interactive elements. The player can play as Valerie, walk around the screen, talk with objects, and interact with the environment. This allows the player to, for example, hide Valerie in a car, send messages to her friend, or go to a bookstore and buy a book. The player can also browse through a menu of erotic scenarios. There are three types of scenarios, each with different options to perform. The game is mainly in the third person perspective, and includes an interactive 3D view of the environment, and an interactive 3D view of Valerie's body. Virtual Valerie 2 includes many more sounds and much more erotic content than the original Virtual Valerie. Interactive elements Search the database In Virtual Valerie 2, the player may interact with the database to find Valerie's friends, help to complete the task at hand, and collect statistics on the game, including the number of downloads and players, as well as the number of failed attempts. The database is located in the user profile folder. The database contains users for the player to talk to. The user is selected in the main menu. Create an avatar In Virtual Valerie 2, the player can create an avatar by selecting a picture from his hard disk. When creating a new user, the avatar is selected by default. It is possible to use either an existing avatar, or to start with a blank avatar. After creating a new user, the database will appear. From the main menu, the user can make a private conversation, and a series of sexual conversations. Personal profile In Virtual Valerie 2, the player is presented with a personal profile, which contains the player's contact details. The player can use the profile to edit his own profile picture. The player can also






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Virtual Valerie 2 Windows 7

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